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Metal Percussion


In this pack you can experience HQ sound capture of the pure tones of metal. Containing one-shots, loops and sample-based instruments,  various contemporary and traditional instruments, from singing bowls to Mbira and block are played in different styles.


Click here to listen to an example of the audio on spotify.


Recorded in professionally treated studios using the highest quality equipment such as Neve and SSL Mic Preamps and high end analogue to digital converters, the samples have also been treated afterwards with audio plugins and dynamic processing, leaving them perfectly placed to be used for a number of applications.


If you have been looking to build your own backing track for guided meditation, or wish to add these unique tones to your electronic music production to give it a different edge, these samples are 100% royalty free.


Contained in the pack:


  • - 483Mb in total
  • -  102 One-shot samples.wav 
  • - 36 Pre-programmed loops.wav
  • - 14 Longer samples.mp3
  • - 7 Ableton Instruments 


Metal percussion Sample Pack

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