For Aaron Horn, outcomes are led through a common vibrational thread; as an artist, mentor, music industry aficionado and sound therapist, the story that orbits Aaron is one that explores the multi disciplinarians of music, frequency and business fluidly combined.

With an early fascination for music, Aaron Horn entered into the legacy of Sarm Studios from the very first days he can remember, the son of legendary producer Trevor Horn, Aaron was completely immersed in studio life, the culture of music and its business entwined. As a current director for SPZ Music Group, home of Sarm Studios, Sarm Music Bank and horn productions; Aarons natural fit for understanding the process of artist development has paved the way to an ongoing career of A & R and artistry, generating a series of marked successes, writing, producing and signing the internationally acclaimed hit Bom Bom with Sam and the Womp, selling over 1 M physical copies worldwide.

Aaron offers practical, creative and simplified advice for those seeking mentorship in music business, song development and music production as an independent music advisor to individuals and businesses, across the UK and global music industry. Aaron has 17 years experience using Ableton and Pro Tools.

Meditation - Sound Beyond Words

Having devoted a large proportion of his life to creating music of commercial value and appeal, Aarons natural journeying has turned his attention in the last decade to sound healing and meditation, though for Aaron his skill set is valued in a more unique way.

Aaron has produced and recorded guided meditations with renowned Yoga instructor Lily Silverton, proving hugely successful on meditation apps such as Insight Timer - one proven successful interplay between Aarons experience in recording and sound meditation therapy. Aaron has also written, recorded and performed alongside internationally recognised multi instrumentalist Tim Wheater. Taking very seriously the need to “disarm stress”, having suffered PTSD himself Aaron goes on to say;

“ I felt a desire to explore music beyond the traditional song form, away from lyrics, absorbing sound. It seems to be a natural progression for me, to alleviate the stress of songwriting, to find a direct line into the sounds and frequencies that are a part of us all without the need for words..“

Aaron has curated event programmes for immersive sonic experiences, and sound baths at multiple established UK venues. His Performances, residencies, corporations and talks with brands, institutions include; National Portrait Gallery, Soho House in London UK, The Shard, Nike, Rob da Banks “Sleep Retreat”, Earth Hackney amongst others. 

As a practitioner Aaron offers guided sound healing sessions in conjunction with Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness.


Current Music Projects - Roots of Sound

With a clear footprint set between the orbiting worlds of contemporary music and holistic sound journeying - Aaron has focused on cultivating projects in the last 5 years that aims to encompass both.

Crate Classics a foray into bass and roots culture, a duo between Horn and Jamie Rodigan, heralding reworks of Trojan Records stalwart Desmond Dekker’s classic Israelites, collaborations with dancehall champions, Don Andre, Big Zeeks amongst others - garnering support across the Atlantic and internationally. Crate Classics most recent release with the Young Israelites has been featured on BBC introducing.


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