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Artist / Producer / Writer / Functional Sound 

Aaron has curated  sonic experiences, and performed Gong Baths at the National Portrait Gallery, Soho House , The Shard, Nike london,  Camp Bestival, Earth Hackney.

As and artist Aaron creates recordings that span from Ambvient to Euphoric.

Aaron & Jamie Rodigan work together as "Crate Classics"  ,  making Jungle , Afro beat, and hiphop. They have reworked Desmond Dekker’s of Trojan Records classic Israelites, & collaborations with dancehall champion, Cableton.

Grammy Nominated Co writer and Co producer 'Doja Cat" 'Woman" With over 1 Billion streams to date. 

Founder / Writer / co producer of Sam and the womp, "Bom Bom" ,  UK NO 1,  1 M+ physical copies  worldwide.


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